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Far from Elite: Does Ester Exposito have a new boyfriend?

Ester Exposito lived a leap to popularity with his participation in the streaming giant’s series Netflix, Elite, where he played Carla until the end of the third season. Fans of the show wondered what happened to his character in the show’s fourth round of episodes. Explanations about the fate of Carla they were vague. What is known? He moved to a school in a remote place.

“I know we all signed a three-year contract. I guess some renewed and some didn’t.”declared the young woman. But the life of the interpreter does not go only for the professional. She was in a relationship with Alexander Speitzer, a relationship that ended a few weeks ago. Did you find a new partner?

Ester Exposito would have a new love

The suspicions began when the actress began to exchange likes with the artist Raw Alejandro. Expósito’s fans did not ignore this situation and a popular thread was opened on Twitter talking about the possibility of a relationship between the reggaeton player and the actress. Just for a few likes? The story has a few more chapters.

At the end of May the singer traveled to Madrid, the city where Ester lives, and on the 29th of that month, apparently in several Instagram stories, they shared time together in the house that the Puerto Rican has in the capital of Spain.

The truth is that Esther separated from Alexander Speitzer and some point to Raw as the third in contention. In another publication of the singer you can hear him performing his song “Fourteen” with the voice of the actress in the background. It is clear that they know each other and spend time together. Is there a place for love?


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