Farrah Abraham was arrested after allegedly assaulting a security guard at a club

Farrah Abraham was detained for being accused of slapping a security officer in an evening club located in Los Angeles over the weekend.

A former “Teen Mom” star, who was 30 was taken into custody early on Sunday morning and was released shortly thereafter. An appearance in court has been set for May 19th.

Police officers were not initially summoned at the time, a witness arrested a citizen and emergency medical personnel were called, TMZ reported. EMTs contacted LAPD to assist and Abraham was detained she was issued a citation for the misdemeanor and was released. There are no charges filed. Abraham is scheduled to appear in court on the 19th of May.

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Arrested After Allegedly Slapping Security Guard

The reality star then posted a clip that shows her being pushed on the floor by a black man, who appeared to be a security guard.

The incident began when a person identified as a “hater” of Farrah was able to assault Farrah and her companions at the location according to an eyewitness.

After the incident, Farrah allegedly became ‘belligerent The staff then demanded her to leave the premises however, she refused.

Instead of requesting the police to help paramedics were apparently requested.

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