Farruko released “LA 167”, a record with which he is evaluating retiring from the stage – MAG.

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The Puerto Rican urban artist Farruko He launched his new album this Friday, “La 167”, in honor of the road near which he grew up, which is possibly the last one that he presents as an artist before other goals that at his young age of 30 he yearns to achieve as a businessman and actor.

“167 is where I grew up. It was the first road that my eyes saw, that touched my legs. It is the first experience you have of the outside world from small until you become great. There are paths and spaces that mark your life and the 167 marked my life “Farruko highlighted in an interview with Efe.

On Highway 167 there is also a gas station that the great-grandfather of Farruko It was built in the 1950s and later managed by his grandfather, father and uncles in Bayamón, a municipality adjacent to San Juan, which the artist wishes to manage when he retires from music.

“It is the most real and personal album I have ever had, because for the other productions I have created characters”, admitted Farruko, author of his past albums, “Gangalee”, who described it as more Jamaican, “TrapXFicante”, dedicated more to trap and “Visionary” to Jamaican reggae.

For this new album he also decided to include a large group of novice artists or those who are not part of the popular musical field, such as Víctor Cárdenas, DJ Adoni, Luar La L, White Star & J. Cross, Fresy Franklin, Lenier, Mavado and Secreto.

With 15 years of experience, two Latin Grammy Awards and thousands of albums and songs sold, Farruko flirts with the idea of ​​retiring as a singer, dedicating herself more to her family, entrepreneurship and acting.

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“I have flirted with that idea a lot, a long time analyzing it, and I have other plans in my life. I started at 15 years old and I am already 30 years old. I don’t want to have a forced retirement in my 40s or 50s. I want to leave earlier and leave in my prime “said the owner of the record label Carbon Fiber Music.

And before the intention of leaving music behind, Efe asked the artist why he wants to do that, to which he replied that “The fame, the controversy, the cannibalism of this business and the time it consumes you”, among other factors, have led him to decide the same.

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