Fashion-Forward Jewelry Pieces That You Must Add to Your Collection

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The very term ‘Avant Garde’ itself seems to be losing its significance in recent times. Avant-Garde means a forward-looking thought, an idea that is ahead of its time. The term was extremely popular in many design movements like Bauhaus, renaissance, or baroque. The same holds true for accessories as well. Nowadays, we rarely find truly fashion-forward jewelry pieces. Every piece seems like it was seen before. Brands are mass-producing jewelry pieces that are repetitions of repetition. 

On the other hand, some jewelry pieces have become synonymous with the same term. They are good-looking, charming pieces of jewelry that are equally meaningful and are truly ahead of their time. Moreover, they also serve function over form, which means some jewelry pieces have healing properties that protect you from negative vibes. We have prepared a list of jewelry pieces that elaborate on the same idea and are truly fashion-forward. Have a look.      

1. Gemstone Jewelry

While diamonds are a classic favorite of every jewelry enthusiast, precious stones have garnered massive popularity in the world of fashion. They have been on a rising trend for the last few decades. The reason behind this is more than their natural charm and beautiful pigmented tones; it’s because of their natural healing properties. While we are busy living our modern lives, we avoid the harmful electromagnetic fields released by gadgets surrounding our lives. Wearing a Shungite necklace or Shungite bracelet will ensure that one is protected from radiation, their body chakras are balanced, and it’ll prevent any other negative energies around them. You can wear it every day to your workplace setting and observe a change in your performance, thought process, and overall well-being. The black ebony stone is rich in carbon with purifying properties that will also provide various health benefits. 

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2. Personalized Bracelets

Bracelets are a simple yet fun way to elevate your outfits from encrusted diamonds and precious stones to whimsical fashionable pieces. Even though they’re delicate pieces of jewelry, bracelets can add oodles of charm to an outfit with only one single piece. If you’re doubtful about repeating an everyday style, then we recommend something a tad bit more personal, such as a decadent stack of personalized bracelets. You can switch from various drop charms, pendants, settings, and metals to create a unique look each time. Feeling glamorous? Then add a few clusters of precious stones to a simple platinum band. If you feel inspired, then a twisted dual-metal tone bracelet with a simple initial engraving will pull off your outfit effortlessly. Want to conjure up your fears? Pick a thick chunky chain link bracelet with enabled charms and motifs to step out of your comfort zone. That’s the great thing about personalized bracelets; it’s versatile and allows you to experiment with different outfits to create a refreshing look each time.

3. Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are the most versatile and delicate piece of accessories; you can play around with different shapes, forms, motifs, stones, charms, etc., to make it a statement-worthy piece. Even though the style of wearing pendant necklaces has been around for decades, there have been new ways for the modern woman to experiment with the chains and make them personal. If personalized jewelry is suited to your tastes, then create pendants using unique phrases, prose, or names that bring joy and meaning to your life. Other than looking spectacular, it’ll grab the attention of onlookers and create an aura of intrigue around you.

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4. Gold Signet Rings

Another favorite statement accessory that has been a popular treat amongst rappers and young fashionistas is signet rings. The different forms, sizes, settings of the accessory make it look chic, evergreen, and bold. Rings can work individually or in stacks; they offer a refined and polished look to your overall outfit and can last for years if you get a high-grade metal such as platinum or white gold. Moreover, a yellow gold signet ring will look nothing short of classic and rightfully allow you to experiment in all seasons. You can go for personalized rings with engravings of your initials to make the accessory even more special, and it can also be an excellent gift for a friend or a special person.

5. Rainbow Jewelry

There is nothing more beautiful than someone adorned with colorful jewelry, especially if they are rainbow colors. If nothing else, 2020 has been the year of rainbow colors. Many international designers like Issey Miyake and design houses like Gucci have come out with their rainbow collection. Moreover, they have become a powerful symbol in recent times, which only adds up to their appeal. Rainbow jewelry has dominated the fashion scene with its versatility and panache they bring out once adorned. 

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