“Fast and Furious” has not yet entered the reservation: International First Impressions

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"Fast and Furious" has not yet entered the reservation: International First Impressions

Fast and Furious is a franchise that didn’t exactly start out as a pure action movie. The first part was closer to the subgenre of policemen and robbers, without any maneuver or impossible action on the part of its characters. In fact, its plot is practically the same as the Katheryn Bigelow tape, They call him bodhi. If you switch to the surferos for illegal race drivers is basically the same formula. The development changed from part 5, where everything began to explode, leaving the first “explosions” of nitrous oxide like a gasoline spark that never ignites. On Fast and Furious 9, Toretto will have to face the most personal enemy yet, his brother Jakob, played by former WWE wrestler John Cena.

The return of Vin Diesel’s family opens in Spain on July 2, but in some corners of the world such as Hong Kong or Russia or China it can already be seen in theaters. However, in several press shows in Los Angeles, certain journalists from the American critics have had the privilege of being able to see the delivery already. Most agree that this is huge fun and that will surely be highly enjoyable by the fans. Steven Weintraub of Collider he said when he saw her: “Hearing other people laugh around me when a ridiculously exaggerated action occurred was the best part. Thanks Science ”. On the other hand, Variety reporter Courtney Howard mentioned that F9 it has pirouettes and acrobatics in the middle of “ambitious action scenes that are mixed with other dramatic scenes of soap operas”, defining it as a “Cacophony that crushes cars”.

David honestly from Indiwire he thinks the saga is heading in the right direction with this latest film: “It’s by far the biggest and most ridiculous yet. Has the speed and precision of F5 with the fun of Tokyo Driftbut with Justin Lin at the helm, it seems things are finally moving in the right direction. “

First impressions generally show that Vin Diesel and John Cena are great in their roles and that the return of Han’s character is a success for Fast and Furious. We will see in the coming weeks how it works in the so essential Asian box office, although for sure, what these characters have left is a lot of fuel reserve.

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