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“Fast and furious”: what was Dwayne Johnson’s biggest dream before he became a wrestler and actor – MAG.

What dream did i have Dwayne Johnson? The story of “La Roca” is one of the most exciting because of how he managed to overcome obstacles. There was a time when he ended up with seven dollars in his wallet and nothing else ahead of him. But he did not give up until he became the remembered wrestler “The Rock” of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. What few know is that, before the ring, “The Scorpion King”, Luke Hobbs From “Fast and Furious” and fame, Johnson dreamed of being another kind of professional.

The success of Johnson, who is 49 years old, is impressive and can be measured a little with Forbes. According to the specialized magazine, in 2020, the star has managed to be, for two years in a row, the highest paid actor with an estimated of $ 87.5 million. While his films have grossed at least $ 10 million worldwide.

His family was one with great figures of fighters. His grandfather Peter Mavia triumphed in the 1960s. Meanwhile, his father Rocky Johnson, known as “Soul Man”, He was also a successful wrestler and coached Dwayne since 1991, when he retired. “The rock” debuted in 1996 and its legacy has remained in the history of the WWE.

“He was a true pioneer because what they do is change people’s behavior. And so he did. He did his best to send happy people home. “he commented in an interview. Nevertheless, dwayne’s dream It was never being a wrestler or a movie actor.

Actor Dwayne Johnson conquered the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) with his popular character of “The rock”And established himself as a Hollywood star with various blockbuster productions at world level. However, this path was not his first big dream.

On several occasions, with interviews and publications on social networks, “The Rock”He said that his youth goal was to be an agent of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). “My professor and criminal justice advisor, Dr. Paul Cromwell, convinced me that the best operative to get to the agency was one that owed a law degree.”, he counted. But he did not get it because of “his good grades.”

Johnson entered the University of Miami for being a qualified athlete. The now actor opted for a professional gamer career of football and succeed in the NFL. However, that path was thwarted by his constant injuries and the firing of his Canadian club. Calgary Stampeders.

All his classmates of his generation were already succeeding in life and he had only seven dollars in his wallet. Although it did not end in the CIA, yes he finished his general studies in criminology and physiology from University of Miami. Despite the failures, Dwayne Johnson had his revenge and found in wrestling an opportunity to change his life. The rest is known history.

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