“Father of Checó Pérez Refutes Claims of Luis Miguel’s Friendship Betrayal with Enrique Ponce”

Luis Miguel is more in love than ever, says father of Checó Pérez

Luis Miguel has found love and happiness with his Spanish partner, and his friend Antonio Pérez Garibay couldn’t be happier for the singer. Pérez Garibay, father of pilot Checó Pérez, defended Luis Miguel against claims that he was the third person in a relationship between Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas.

“I see a Luis Miguel fulfilled, but do you know why? Because he found a queen,” Pérez Garibay expressed in an interview for the program Venga la alegría. He went on to mention the admiration he has for the way the couple looks at each other, holds hands, and walks together. Pérez Garibay even expressed his desire to see Luis Miguel get married.

“If he gets married too, how beautiful! Micky has never been married, hopefully he makes the decision to achieve it,” Pérez Garibay said.

Regarding the allegations of betrayal towards Enrique Ponce, Pérez Garibay clarified that Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas’ relationship began after the bullfighter’s separation from Cuevas. He emphasized that there was no overlap between the two relationships.

“Micky never thought that they were going to separate, to get divorced. So people can say mass, but when people come true, we must all fulfill your dream,” Pérez Garibay explained.

Pérez Garibay also shared his wish that Luis Miguel could someday give away his daughter Michelle Salas at the altar, despite the singer previously refusing the possibility. He believes that the best is yet to come from Luis Miguel and is excited to witness the next 10 years of his journey.

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