“Fatmagül”, “If Only” and “Madre”, the Turkish soap operas with Spanish adaptations

The turkish soap operas They have managed to have a privileged place in Spain, above all, in the programming of the different television channels. They have also won the hearts of viewers whose support is reflected in the ratings that Ottoman productions have obtained over time.

With their doses of love, suspense, betrayal and revenge, Turkish soap operas and series have won thousands of fans who do not miss any of their episodes through transmission channels, as well as online platforms and even social networks.

The popularity of Turkish soap operas continues to rise in Spain and to the surprise of fans of Ottoman dramas in the European country there will be three adaptations that promise to become the most acclaimed on television.

It should be noted that in recent years some studies have advanced that they would focus on making three of the most successful productions that have given much to talk about in recent times.

Although there have been many Turkish soap operas that have achieved resounding success in Spain, the adaptations of “Fatmagul”, “Mother” e “If Only“(” If I had known “), and from now on they have generated great expectations among lovers of Ottoman productions.

The Turkish soap opera “Fatmagul”Is one of the first Ottoman productions to gain international fame, conquering thousands of people in various countries. Here is told the story of the young Fatmagül Ketenci, played by Beren Saat, who goes through a difficult situation in her life and then is forced to marry one of those who abused her.

This Ottoman classic has been one of the favorite productions of studios in Spain and, therefore, will have its adaptation in that country under the name of “Alba”.

For this reason, Atresmedia was the one indicated to carry it out and it was even known that by March 2021 it was ready to be released. The main character will be Elena Rivera placeholder image, who will play Alba.

She is accompanied by a large cast of actors such as Álvaro Rico, Adriana Ozores, Ana Wagener or Tito Valverde.

Another of the very famous productions in Turkey was “Anne“Or known in Spanish-speaking countries as”Mother“Which starred actress Cansu Dere.

In the drama, the teacher Zeynep will realize the mistreatment that one of her students (Melek) is going through, so she decides to adopt her as her daughter.

In Spain, the actress who will play the teacher will be the actress Adriana ugarte, which in fiction will be a biologist who was adopted but who over time will meet Alba, a girl whom he will adopt as his daughter.

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