FCC awarded two rail contracts in Romania for more than 800 million

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FCC awarded two rail contracts in Romania for more than 800 million

The FCC group (BME:FCC), through its construction division, has been awarded two railway contracts in Romania tendered by the National Railway Company (CFR) totaling more than €800 million.

The projects are limited to the Lugoj-Timisoara Est and Alesd-Poieni sections, which have 42 months of execution including six months of design, as indicated to the company.


The works on the Lugoj-Timișoara Est section of the Caransebes-Timisoara-Arad line include the refurbishment and duplication of an existing 54-kilometre stretch of electrified single track with the aim of reaching the speed of 160 passenger trains and 120 kilometres of freight trains.

In addition, the capacity of the platform will be increased with the replacement of material and the renovation of the superstructure, all stations and halts will be modernized to increase their capacity and meet new technological needs, and all buildings will be renovated at the level of facilities and finishes.

Likewise, pedestrian walkways will be built and the platforms will be lengthened and raised to comply with European regulations.

For its part, the Aleșd-Poieni section of the Cluj-Episcopia Bihor line has a length of 52 kilometers and includes the modernization of several stations, including Bratca and Alesd, as well as the updating and construction of six stops.

In addition, 10 bridges and 91 drainage works, two tunnels in Şuncuiuș and Peștera will be renovated, two new overpasses will be built and 31 level crossings will be modernized.

Both projects include signalling works with the implementation of the ERTMS safety system along the entire route, as well as electrification and modernisation of railway infrastructure and superstructure.

After the completion of the projects, passenger trains will be able to run at a maximum speed of 160 km/h, and freight trains at 120 km/h.


FCC Construction executes railway contracts in Romania for the National Railway Company since 2012 uninterruptedly.

Currently, it is immersed in three works of the Pan-European IV corridor, which connects Dresden with Istanbul.

These are section 3, the section between the Romanian cities of Gurasada and Simeria and sections 2a and 2b, with a cumulative length of 119 km.

These works, which have a percentage of progress of more than 80%, aim to increase the commercial speed to 160 km / h.

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