FDP: “A speed limit on motorways is purely symbolic politics”

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Transport politicians of the FDP reject a general speed limit on motorways. Before a meeting of the leaders of the Greens and the FDP on Friday, the transport policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group, Oliver Luksic, told the dpa: “When it comes to mobility, the election programs are sometimes significantly different. We liberals also stand up for motorists. Instead of symbolic politics like For us, speed limits and combustion bans are about affordable, sustainable and innovative mobility. We will campaign for this in all discussions. “

The FDP transport politician Daniela Kluckert said the dpa: “We do not want a general speed limit, nor does it make sense for climate protection or road safety, but is purely symbolic politics that we reject.” The leaders of the Greens and FDP want to deepen their talks about joint participation in the new federal government on Friday. The second round of so-called preliminary explorations should focus more specifically on the content and goals of a possible future coalition.

The question of whether there should be a general speed limit on German autobahns has been bitterly debated for years. The SPD and the Greens are campaigning for it. Together with the FDP, they could form a government alliance at the federal level. A coalition of the Union, the Greens and the FDP is also possible. The still incumbent Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) once again clearly rejected calls for a general speed limit on motorways in July 2021.

The chairman of the Greens parliamentary group, Anton Hofreiter, took a step towards the speed limit critics. Hofreiter said Rheinische Post and the Bonner General-Anzeiger (Issues of October 1, 2021): “I do not believe in making individual measures a condition, it complicates the negotiations and does not do our job justice.” It is true that the Greens entered into talks with “our entire positions”, “this also includes a speed limit of 130 on motorways”. However, it is “now not about dashes, but about a departure for climate neutrality, progress and justice”.

The head of transport policy at the Federation for Environment and Nature Conservation Germany, Jens Hilgenberg, said the dpa: “Parties that are not able to harvest such low-hanging climate fruits as a general speed limit on highways are not ready for climate protection.”

The election manifesto of the SPD states: “We will introduce a speed limit of 130 km / h on federal motorways. That will protect the environment and significantly reduce the number of accidents.” The Greens want a “safety speed” of 130 km / h on motorways. It goes on to say: “If special reasons make it necessary, for example in cities or metropolitan areas or around them, then a maximum of 120 km / h applies.” The FDP election program says: “Speed ​​limits, diesel or motorcycle driving bans are neither progressive nor sustainable.”


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