“Fears of Methamphetamine Addiction Mount in Britney Spears’ Family Circle”

Britney Spears’ Family Fears Methamphetamine Addiction

The family and ex-husband of Britney Spears are expressing concern that the singer may be struggling with methamphetamine addiction. Spears’ erratic behavior on social media has caused alarm among her fans as well. Kevin Federline, the father of her children Preston, 17, and Jayden, 16, has even admitted that he is afraid of receiving a phone call informing him of her death. He worries for his children’s sake, saying that he doesn’t want them to wake up one morning to discover their mother has overdosed.

Federline has admitted that he suspects Spears may be using drugs. Her sons refuse to visit her, citing drug deliveries they claim to have seen at her home. Reports have surfaced about an intervention being planned earlier this year, but it ultimately fell apart. Jodi Montgomery, a former conservator for Spears, had orchestrated it, but it never came to fruition.

Spears’ father, Jamie, is also worried about his daughter. He fears that she may die prematurely, like Amy Winehouse. While Jamie has been criticized for his role in overseeing the conservatorship under which Spears was placed for 13 years, he insists that he did so in her best interest.

Spears’ sons have had conversations with their mother over the phone but are not yet ready to visit her. They recall previous instances of erratic behavior, such as Britney’s insistence on bathing them when they were 11 and 12 and a time when she was found clutching a knife near her youngest son’s bedroom door. Both Federline and Spears’ father worry that she’s currently using drugs and hope that she gets help before it’s too late.

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