Featherweight Acknowledges Pepe Aguilar’s Recognition of Talent in Response

Featherweight, the first Mexican artist to reach the top of Spotify’s Top Global Songs chart, received some comments from Pepe Aguilar that did not go unnoticed by the young singer. Aguilar stated that he only likes “two or three songs” of Featherweight and made remarks about the success of Mexican artists on Spotify’s global chart.

It seems that Aguilar is not a fan of the corridos genre, which is performed by artists like Featherweight and Natanael Cano. When asked about his previous comments regarding the genre, Aguilar remained speechless and distanced himself from the topic.

Despite Aguilar’s lack of support, Featherweight has proven that there is a great desire among young Mexicans to succeed in the music industry. The success of lying down corridos genre has sent a powerful message to those who doubted its potential and showcased the talent of many Mexican artists.

On a different note, it remains unclear what Angela Aguilar thinks about all of this and whether she is a fan of Featherweight’s music. It’s important to remember that, at the end of the day, music is subjective and there will always be people who enjoy certain genres while others do not.

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