Fede Bruno won in Spain with an Argentine record in 1500 meters

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In the Last day to seek qualification for the Olympic Games, Federico Bruno set the national record of 1500 meters Y He was one minute and 18 hundredths away from achieving the minimum mark to be in Tokyo, although during the course of the day it will be determined whether, by means of the world ranking elaborated by the World Athletics (this is the name of the international athletics federation), he achieves one of the 45 places to compete in the distance.

At the José Antonio Cansino Diputación-Memorial Trophy meeting, organized in Castellón (Spain), the athlete federated by FCmax won series B with a time of 3 minutes, 36 seconds and 18 hundredths (the minimum qualifying mark is 3.35.00), improving the national record that he had done on April 9: 3.38.21. Due to the high level of athletes, all with marks higher than his, he could not be in series A, in which the fastest run.

Now, it will depend on several factors to go to the Olympics, starting with its position in the world ranking. For the 1500 meters there are 45 quotas and, in the first instance, they classify those who achieved the requested registration, and although it does not appear within that group, could be benefited by some last minute casualty. This will be known during the day and will define the situation.

Bruno already has a presence in the Olympic Games, since in Rio 2016 ran the marathon. His arrival after 42,195 meters is remembered for seeing him move sideways, due to cramps.

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On the sidelines, with 3.36.18, it is positioned as the seventh fastest South American of all time in the distance, with a great hegemony of the athletes of Brazil. A few days ago, Bruno was left with the first placement of the Athletics Meeting of Braga, in Portugal.

The another argentinian who participated in the event was the triplist Maximiliano Díaz, what got on the podium at the end of third, with 15.90 meters, in a test won by the Portuguese Tiago Pereira, with 16.67.

Three classified

So far, within the national athletics, only there are three classified for achieving minimum marks: the marathoners Eulalio Muñoz, Marcela Gómez and Joaquín Arbe, which will only compete last weekend in Sapporo. They will be accompanied by coaches Jorge Basiricó and Rodrigo Peláez.

Apart, both Belén Casseta (3000 meters with obstacles) and Germán Chiaraviglio (pole vault) aspire, through the world ranking, a to be again on an olympic date. While the athlete from Mar del Plata competed in Rio 2016, the jumper from Santa Fe was in Beijing 2008 and Rio 2016, where he qualified for the final instances.

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