Federico Salazar on his return to driving after overcoming COVID-19: “I have no date”

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Federico Salazar on his return to driving after overcoming COVID-19: "I have no date"

Federico Salazar revealed that he still does not have a return date to the conduction of “America Noticias: First Edition”, after having overcome the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The journalist clarified that his return to the small screen will depend on the process of his recovery. “I have no date, it depends on the recovery, we are seeing with the doctor. Thanks a hug”, the figure of América Televisión told the Trome newspaper.

In conversation with that same medium, Verónica Linares expressed her joy for the recovery of her friend and colleague, who days ago was discharged from the clinic after defeating COVID-19. The journalist said that she looked for a way to encourage Federico and his wife Katia Condos in the difficult moments that they had to live through.

“I am happy that he has been discharged because from the moment he was detected COVID-19 I was very worried. He was sad, pending on both of them (Federico and his wife Katia Condos), trying to give encouragement as much as possible. Federico was in the hospital, but happily it was not so bad. They have already discharged him and now he is at home. The doctor has told him to rejoin (the newscast) in a week or week and a half “he commented.

Verónica confessed that she misses a lot who she considers “her folder companion”. “(I miss) everything … because with Federico we die of laughter all day or any nonsense. He is the typical one who makes silly jokes and that makes you laugh. Also, I miss talking and cracking (laughs). We are friends, he is my folder friend since 2003 “, he said.

“He says he puts up with me, but it’s the other way around (laughs). We hold on, we laugh ourselves to death, we talk and we also tell each other our things ”, added.

Finally, the television host sent an emotional message to her friend. “That I love him very much, that I am very happy that things have improved at home, I love you both very much (Federico and Katia), I miss you a lot and I hope to be together again. I’m going to ask Dr. Huertas if I can hug him now, I haven’t hugged him since the last time he was his saint ”, finished.

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