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Feeling Extremely Fortunate

Streamer YourRAGE has opened up about the severe eye injury he sustained, revealing he is “so goddamn lucky” not to have completely lost his vision.

Last week, the Kick and Twitch streamer, whose real name is Josh, was involved in a freak accident while live streaming himself chopping wood.

In the incident, the handle of the axe struck him in the eye, leaving YourRAGE fearful that he had lost his eye and would be blinded.

On 7 July, four days after the injury, he shared an update on his condition in a 14-minute video uploaded to his YouTube titled “I can’t see”.

In the clip, he explained what ophthalmologists had told him about his injury and the damage he has sustained to his optical nerves and retina.

He explained: “We go over to the ophthalmologist. Long story short – they juice up my eye, they liquify my eye, putting all types of squirting, all type of s**t, all up in my eye. Like, 10 different drops in my eye.

“Looking through my eye with the machine – basically said there’s a lot of inflammation in my cornea. But it’s like my retina and my optical nerve, something, that’s really damaged. Right? And, that’s going to need a lot of time to heal. It’s bad.”

According to the eye specialist, YourRAGE was extremely lucky that the damage wasn’t worse.

“But [the doctor] said I am so goddamn lucky that this isn’t 100 per cent just GGs to your eyeball. He said I better pray to god, I am lucky as hell,” the streamer said.

He explained that doctors have prescribed him several different “crazy” eye drops that all do different things.

Josh said: “I’ve got to keep up with my treatment or it’s either going to take longer, or I’m cooked. So I ain’t missing a single hour, I’m taking my s**t very diligently. I got a check-up in another week.”

The streamer reiterated he was extremely “lucky” and explained doctors believe that as the swelling goes down, his vision should start to gradually return.

Source: indy100