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Feelings Will Guide Cannes Jury in Search for Palme d’Or

Cannes Film Festival’s 76th edition, chaired by Ruben Östlund, has a jury comprising of acclaimed directors, actors, and filmmakers. Östlund, who has won two Palme d’Ors in his past appearances in Cannes, reiterated that the only rule given to the jury was to not seek consensus but to defend their individual feeling’s about each film. The members of the jury agreed with him and claimed that they came with an open spirit and no preconceptions.

Julia Ducournau and Ruben Östlund emphasized the significance of winning an award in Cannes, discussing the change it has brought to their profession and the responsibility of choosing a winner. Brie Larson, who makes her debut as a jury member, was excited about experiencing every film without knowing anything about them.

For each member of the jury, cinema is an important art form that allows them to see the world differently. The work system is planned so that they will watch three films in a row and then discuss them. Östlund has made it clear that there will be no rumors about what the jury members think about the 21 films in the competition. They will remain silent and respect each other’s opinions throughout the entire process.

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