Fees Dispute: Amazon UK Bans Visa Credit Cards

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The online giant Amazon does not want to accept payments with Visa credit cards in Great Britain in the future. The company announced this in an email to its customers on Wednesday. The reason is “the high fees that Visa charges for processing credit card payments,” the letter said.

In an Amazon message, from which the BBC quoted, it was also said that the transaction costs should actually decrease due to technological progress, but they will remain high or will even increase. From January 19, payments will only be possible with Visa debit cards and credit cards from other providers, the email said. Amazon customers have been asked to change their payment method.

However, Visa credit cards that were issued in another country are not affected by the ban. The credit card company reacted with incomprehension. “We are very disappointed that Amazon threatens to limit consumer choice in the future,” said a Visa spokesman. There are no winners. Visa has a long relationship with Amazon and they will continue to work on a solution so that customers can continue to use their credit cards at Amazon in the future, the spokesman continued. Neither Amazon nor Visa gave any information about the amount of the fees.

However, the fee dispute had nothing to do with Brexit, both Visa and Amazon told the BBC. It is only about fees for credit card payments within the UK. As a result of Brexit, both Visa and Mastercard had increased their fees for payments between Great Britain and the European Economic Area by around five times in October. Payment service provider PayPal also responded with higher fees.

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[UPDATE: 17.11.2021, 15:15]

A sentence has been added that neither company has put a figure on the fees.


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