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Feid Concludes 2024 Ferxxocalipsis Tour in Miami with First Stadium Concert

Feid Concludes 2024 Ferxxocalipsis Tour in Miami with First Stadium Concert

Feid wrapped up his 2024 Ferxxocalipsis Tour with a landmark performance at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Fla., on Saturday (July 6), marking his first-ever stadium concert.

The evening kicked off at 6 p.m. ET with a live stream of the Copa America Colombia vs. Panama game outside the venue. The crowd’s energy soared as Colombia won 5-0, securing their spot in the semi-finals. Following the game, DJs from Perro Negro, a well-loved nightclub in Colombia, energized fans with a 40-minute set of pure reggaeton hits.

The stadium offered fans an immersive experience featuring themed photo booths, monster trucks, and a karaoke corner, adding to the festive atmosphere. Feid’s performance officially began at 9:45 p.m. after a nearly three-minute cartoon-themed intro, setting the stage for the night’s excitement.

Dressed in a black and neon green running vest, denim shorts, and his iconic white sunglasses, Feid kicked off his set with songs like “Alakran,” “50 Palos,” “Chimbita,” “Lady Mi Amor,” and “Castigo.” Greeting the enthusiastic crowd, he said, “Hello, mor [love], how are you? We’re going to parchar [party] in Miami with el Ferxxo.”

Feid delivered an impressive marathon of nearly 40 hits, transitioning seamlessly from “Bubalu” to “El Cielo,” “Prohibidox,” “Porfa,” and fan favorites like “Feliz Cumpleaños, Ferxxo” and “Monastery.” The audience, mainly comprised of Gen Z fans, passionately sang along to every lyric, including his newest tracks “Brickell,” “Luces de Tecno,” and “Sorry 4 That Much.”

The stage setup—featuring 18 large LED panels, cartoon visuals, and industrial stairs—transported fans to Feid’s imaginative cityscape. Accompanying him on stage were guitarist Pedro Mejía, DJ SEBAXXSS, and his background singer cousin, Mariana.

Throughout the night, Feid made two outfit changes, all adhering to his signature green-and-white theme. He performed hits like “Le Pido a Dios,” joined by surprise guest DJ Premier, “Normal,” “Ferxxo100,” “Hey Mor,” and “Classy 101” before concluding the concert slightly after midnight with the EDM-infused track “Luna.”

“Good night, Miami. This is Ferxxo’s first stadium show,” he said, smiling broadly. “Thank you for being here tonight.”