“Felicitation to Utkarsh Ambudkar on Welcoming Third Child – “

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Utkarsh Ambudkar Welcomes Third Child with His Wife!

Actor and rapper Utkarsh Ambudkar has welcomed his third child with his wife Naomi Vijayasekar. Born on May 13, 2021, the couple have not revealed their new baby’s name yet.

Proud Parents Share the News on Instagram

The proud parents announced the news on Instagram by sharing a picture of themselves with their newborn. Ambudkar captioned the post, ‘The world shrank again and Naomi and I are now outnumbered as parents. Thank you all for your well wishes and for holding space for our family in your hearts.’

Fans Congratulate the New Parents

Following the news, fans and friends took to the comments section to congratulate the couple. One user wrote, ‘Congratulations guys! Sending so much love and happiness your way.’ Another said, ‘What a beautiful family. Congratulations on your new addition!’

Ambudkar’s Successful Career

Apart from his personal life, Ambudkar has established himself as a successful actor, rapper, and writer. He has appeared in movies such as Pitch Perfect and The Mindy Project and is also known for his roles on Broadway. Ambudkar has released several songs as well, including “Vanity” and “Godly War.”

Final Thoughts

We congratulate the happy couple on their new arrival and wish them all the best. As Ambudkar continues to conquer the entertainment industry, it’s clear that his family remains his top priority.

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