Fena: Pirate Princess, the anime you can’t miss on Crunchyroll

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Fena: Pirate Princess is the new big bet of the streaming service Crunchyroll, in a co-production with Adult Swim. Unlike other series, this anime is an original idea created by Production IG and director and animator Kazuto Nazakawa. You can already see its first two episodes of the twelve that will be released on the platform and as a first curiosity you should know that it is not yet available in Japan, since it is scheduled for October of this year.

What is it about? This is their official synopsis: “Fena Houtman remembers little of her childhood. Orphan and raised as a maid in a brothel, her life changes when she escapes to a pirate island where she discovers the truth about her family. With Fena being the only one capable of unlocking her family’s secrets, and with a formidable crew of female pirates on her heels, she must take her place as captain of her samurai crew for an adventure on the high seas! “.

The first characteristic that viewers will notice is its animation, something that the anime industry has worked on in a great way over time until today. From the beginning, with the scene of the burning ship in the middle of the ocean, the use of a color palette that makes each plane look like a painting is remarkable. Later they give us glimpses of the city, with more details that highlight this important aspect for the public. In addition, the character designs can be reminiscent of shows from the 90s, so it contains a share of nostalgia to capture the audience.

In the first minutes of chapter 1 they take us into the story with a little hint of the past of Bad, who we see with advanced age after the opening. The young woman will be the one who works as a piece of balance between the drama of her personal life and the comedy for what surrounds her and what we are getting to know. A clear example is when she was in a situation where death was a likely possibility, a mysterious masked samurai appears to rescue her, and in the midst of what can be an exciting reunion, he hits her on the head, a gag that It is repeated twice in the second episode with the aim of cutting the weather.

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Yukimaru is the one who positions himself as the love interest of Badas it was he who helped her escape the boat fire in the past. The truth is that the two chapters released so far do not show signs that we have a safe romance, since they work as a general introduction to the story. The young woman has the mission of embarking on an adventure to a location called Eden to discover the secrets of a beautiful woman, with her father’s words as the only guide.

The story is presented as a window into fantasy, action, comedy and romance, with a cast of characters that make up the samurai crew, who are presented with the right information and it is expected that we will know more about them over the course of the years. episodes. Another interesting aspect is its soundtrack, with “Uni to Shinju” JUNNA at the opening, and “Saihate” in the ending sung by Minori Suzuki, a song that we are sure will make you remember Kimetsu no Yaiba.

The episode 3 will be available from Sunday August 22 on the platform Crunchyroll and it will be released one a week until completing the 12 of the season carried out so far.

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