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Fernán Quirós denied Milei’s questions about vaccines against the coronavirus: “The effectiveness studies are conclusive”

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health Fernan Quirós responded to the candidate of La Libertad Avanza Javier Milei that in the debate of the one of you last night he questioned the safety and effectiveness of vaccines against the coronavirus and stated that “the effectiveness studies are conclusive, not only with the original variants but with those that came later ”.

Milei in a tense crossing with Leandro Santoro said that “not all vaccines are well tested “, something that Quirós refuted this morning. “The data of the city are decisive “, he asserted, citing studies carried out on the first 800,000 vaccinated in the City of Buenos Aires. “We show how many people vaccinated with Sputnik V, AstraZeneca or Sinopharm with double dose the risk of having a serious and fatal disease decreases by more than 90% “.

“This is what has been seen in England, in France, in the United States, in Denmark, in Italy, in Spain,” said Quirós, referring to the international experience on vaccination against Covid-19.

“We must be very clear: the information on Covid vaccines is overwhelming, the decrease in individual risk is enormous,” he repeated.

What Quirós said about vaccinating children without risk factors

The Minister of Health also referred to the progress of the vaccination campaign and stressed that “we have already passed 67% of Buenos Aires with double doses, a number similar to that of the countries that have vaccinated the most.” “We are looking to reach 70%, which although it is symbolic, expresses a very high level of immune protection of society”, He added.

Quirós recalled that “vaccination has an order of priority due to the individual risk of each one: first it is the containment of the individual risk, then the blocking of the viral circulation to contain the collective risk.”

In this regard, he argued that “the variable that most determines the risk in this disease is age: we have to ensure that everyone over 18, especially those over 40 and 60 have their double dose applied. We still have a few thousand people to vaccinate, especially one who received Sputnik V, ”he said about it.

Regarding the vaccination of children between 3 and 11 years old, Quirós pointed out that about 3,000 boys have already been inoculated with comorbidities and avoided giving a date on when it will be extended to those who do not have risk conditions.

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