What is Fernando Colunga’s Netflix Series All About?

What is Fernando Colunga Netflix series all about?

Fernando Colunga is one of the most glorious actors in the Mexican entertainment business, particularly when it comes to creating a telenovela. Since Fernando Colunga has been capable of conquering the viewer’s heart with every character this actor has appeared in, such as hold me tight, I will never forget you, La Usurpadora, Esmeralda, María la del Barrio, along with so many others. After one quite long break, Fernando Colunga is going to appear in this series on Netflix, and this is going to be the character of ‘Histoire d’un clan.’ So let us learn about What is Fernando Colunga Netflix series all about?

The actor moved to Buenos Aires so that he could make the 1st recordings of this show just a couple of days ago. The filming set was situated in both Juan B streets and Caseros of Quilmes. When declaring the exciting news, the performer was grateful and enthusiastic that the creators of this web show had let the actor progress in his career through this role. Via his social media, he also expressed his gratitude. He said that he is working with the most premium artistic minds in the industry to build one great history and family. He also expressed a lot of gratitude for the kind of work he is doing and for all the people who are supporting him on a day-to-day basis.

Fernando Colunga

All about “History of a Clan”

As per the official summary, it depicts the storyline of the Puccios. Which is one family just like any other family. Archimedes, who is the father of this family, has one strategy in his mind for which he requires the assistants of his family members. In this way, he pulls together his two sons, Daniel and Alejandro, to assist him in taking care of his business. The current house of the Archimedes will become the hub of their operations, along with maintaining one life of disparity. The storyline states the connection of this family with the criminal organizations and the Association of Arquímedes Puccio with many other criminal groups and the insufferable innocence of the storyline based on actual events.

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Fernando Colunga will play the character called Aquiles Greco, a disciplined, retired, and authoritarian committee member whose aim is for his blood relatives to place themselves among the most well-known circles. This character is willing to keep his family members in that circle by trading the numerous lives of other individuals.

Which actors are going to be in the cast of ‘Histoire d’un clan’?

This drama fiction is going to air for ten episodes. Each of those episodes is going to be accessible on Netflix. The mini-series of “Historia de un clan” is going to feature well-known international actors. Such as Luis Machin, Celina Font, Delfina Chaves, Rafael Ferro, Antonio de la Vega, Roberta Damián, Samantha Siqueiros, Alejandro de Hoyos, Manuel Masalva, along with Lisa Owen.

Fernando Colunga

When “History of a Clan” is going to premiere?

Netflix, which is the giant of broadcasting services, has not yet declared a launch date for “History of a Clan.” To know any updates, visit here.

When was the last time Fernando Colunga appeared on screen?

The last show in which Fernando Colunga appeared was with the significant antagonist character in Pasión y Poder, along with Jorge Salinas and Susana González in the year 2016. The actor is no longer appearing in the theatres as he felt the urge to stop being one eternal brave since the actor had been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years.

The creator of History of a Clan congratulated Fernando Colunga on the press release and stated that the team is looking forward to having a wonderful journey with this experienced actor and the incredible learning of generosity and professionalism. Fernando Colunga is one powerful and unique creative collaborator whom everybody respects and admires. 

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On the other hand, in that same press conference, Fernando Colunga said that night and day that is how he is going to describe this new creative journey, and he hopes the viewers can enjoy the show as much as the entire creative community behind the project of ‘Histoire d’un clan’ as they realize What is Fernando Colunga Netflix series all about?

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