Fernando Iglesias and Waldo Wolff crossed Gerardo Morales for his phrases about the debt: “Study, ignorant”

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The statements of Gerardo Morales placeholder image on the debt with the International Monetary Fund they uncovered another internal opposition. This Wednesday, hours after the Jujuy governor stated that “the least” the coalition has to do is participate in a meeting with Martin Guzman because it was the Government of Together for Change that contracted the debt, two PRO hawks they went out to cross it.

It’s about the deputies Fernando Iglesias and Waldo Wolff, close to Patricia Bullrich, who responded in harsh terms to the head of the UCR via Twitter.

“The debt we contracted, dear, to pay what they left. 3/4 of U $ was used to refinance at a rate lower than 14% that was paid to (Hugo) Chávez. She is the daughter of the deficit that is always a record in populism. Dialogue is not to be functional to the story”Wrote Wolff, who accompanied the message with a video in which Axel Kicillof is seen acknowledging that Kirchnerism had left an approximate debt of 200 billion dollars.

Iglesias was harder: “From the IMF loan (2018) to the end of Macri’s term, total debt fell. The funds were used to pay off debt that was at higher interest. We did not ‘get into debt’, ignorant. We had to pay it together with the fiscal deficit left by Peronism. Study “.

Minutes later, he directly wrote “The vice of (Roberto) Lavagna has me fed up”, Alluding to Morales, who accompanied the economist on the presidential candidate ballot in 2007.

This Thursday, the National Table of Together for Change will meet via zoom to unify criteria and a speech in front of the negotiation with the IMF.

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What Gerardo Morales said about the debt

On the issue of debt, we all have much to account for: Kirchnerism, Peronism, radicalism, the PRO, Together for Change, everyone. This debt that is being negotiated was contracted by us and the least we have to do is go and listen, “Morales had said in an interview with FM Urbana.

“The government wants to present us how the situation is, I don’t know what the report consists of. From Together for Change we say that we will act responsibly and the least we can do is go get the report, “he said.

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The president of the UCR also sent a message indoors: “It seems to me that this is it, you don’t have to play hide and seek with this. Because the hawks are going to come out, why am I sending the lieutenant governor”.

On the other hand, he questioned the political rapprochement in recent weeks between the deputy Javier Milei and Patricia Bullrich’s PRO sector, considering that “if someone wants to bring the economist closer to Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) “Do not count on radicalism”.

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