Ferrari’s Data Breach: Customer’s Information Stolen in Massive Cyberattack

By: Dan Cooper

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Ferrari suffers cyberattack with client data stolen

One of the great concerns of a large corporation at this point is to have its computer systems well protected. What happens is that no matter how much protection they have, in the end one or several criminals end up entering the system and can do a lot of damage.

Unfortunately, even with the best efforts and preventative measures in place, cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common. Most commonly, hackers take advantage of system weaknesses to gain access to data, with one of the most frequent methods being the injection of a virus. Ransomware is also becoming more prevalent, a method by which a company’s data is held hostage and a monetary demand is made.

Most recently, Ferrari has fallen victim to such an attack, leading to the theft of client data. Fortunately, the company has confirmed that payment information and orders have not been compromised, but personal data including names, addresses, mobile numbers, and emails have been stolen. The investigation remains ongoing, but the company has already provided clients with information on how to recover their data.

The importance of protection measures in the face of cyberattacks

Is it possible to protect yourself from a ransomware attack? This is one of the key questions that many users ask when they hear about cases like this. Unfortunately, Ferrari is just one of the many companies that has recently suffered this type of theft. For companies in particular, there are a number of best practices to prevent these types of problems.

For instance, companies should ensure that their employees only open personal emails on personal devices, as opening potentially malicious emails on work computers could give attackers access to company information. Keeping systems up-to-date is also critical, but it’s important to only use official updates and not trust unknown sources. In the past, bad actors have taken advantage of companies that have not taken these measures, like in the case of Magniber.

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