“Fervent Fans: Alejandro Sanz’s Tale of Falling in Love with an Adoring Audience”

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Alejandro Sanz at the Movistar Arena: An Electrifying Performance


Alejandro Sanz, the legendary Spanish singer, has been leaving audiences mesmerized with his electrifying performances during his recent tour in Argentina. Accompanied by an array of talented musicians, including Mike Ciro, Alfonso Pérez, Carlos Martín, Mirón Rafajlovic, and Helen de la Rosa, to name a few, Sanz delivered a memorable performance at Buenos Aires’ Movistar Arena, leaving the capacity crowd of 15,000 entirely enamored.

Venue and More Performances

This year’s performances marked the “kingdom of adrenaline” and featured hits from his extensive repertoire that kept audience members thoroughly entertained. The iconic artist is set to perform at the Movistar Arena on May 11, 12, and 14, with positive reviews and tremendous anticipation building up.

The Fervent Crowd

Sanz’s performance drew a massive following, mostly women, with his first fans still coming out to support him since the 90s. The Villa Crespo stadium was filled with supportive fans of all ages, including some young followers, who adore and idolize him as their mothers did before them.

Memorable Performance

During the two-hour long spectacle, Sanz performed new and popular hits such as “Iba,” “Correcaminos” – which he recorded with Danny Ocean, “La rosa,” and “Contigo,” a composition by Joaquín Sabina. He opted to focus on his most prominent hits, including “It’s not the same,” “What I was is what I am,” “The strength of the heart,” “The train of the moments,” “When nobody sees me,” “Living in a hurry,” “My loneliness and I,” “And, what if it were her”? and “Corazón partío.”

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Sanz displayed his excellent vocal range, with unexpected electric guitar solos by his musical director, Mike Ciro, and an impressive drum display by Helen de la Rosa. He abandoned the flamenco approach seen in previous performances, fully embracing his popular pop artist persona.

An Electrifying Performance, With an Ageless Sanz

Alejandro Sanz remains an energetic performer, with an endless supply of adrenaline and passion, an artist that knows exactly what his audiences want, and how to deliver it to them. Sanz model 2023, despite his age, possesses a youthful appearance that is evident in his mustard-colored suit and voluminous white sneakers. He marks and doses the appropriate times, ensuring to take the necessary breaks to allow his companions to shine, and even giving them the space of solo singers.

San mixes emotional moments with uptempo pieces, keeping audiences ecstatic and on their feet throughout the entire concert. With his overflowing energy, it’s no wonder that even the reserved seats stood up to get a few centimeters closer to their musical idol. Alejandro Sanz’s electrifying performance at Movistar Arena is undoubtedly one for the books.

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