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FIFA 21 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch confirms modes, price, FUT and weight

The eShop Nintendo Switch has updated the FIFA 22 Legacy Edition tab with all the features of this version, which maintains its release date compared to other editions of the title, October 1. After learning that he was going to carry this surname, which is broadly based on a update of squads and kits, without new features in the gameplay, we already know what the final game price, what modes will be included and, consequently, which ones are not.

What changes from FIFA 21? Price and weight confirmed

FIFA 22 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch will be released on October 1 in physical and digital format at a price of 39,99 euros with “the most up-to-date kits, clubs and squads from the best leagues”. Not surprisingly, the features and game modes will be the same as FIFA 21 for Nintendo Switch.

Taking into account that FIFA 21 Legacy Edition maintained the same characteristics as FIFA 20 Legacy Editon and that the latter was the same as FIFA 19 Legacy Edition, we find a version of FIFA 19 with updated templates and interface on Nintendo Switch. The weight of the game will be 12.92 GB for download in digital format, but requires 14 GB free for download complete.

FIFA 22 Legacy Modes

FIFA 22 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch will include the same game modes as the aforementioned titles, thus leaving out modalities such as FIFA Volta or everything related to story mode. The new mechanics, HyperMotion or Pro Clubs are not included either.. These are the modes included in Nintendo Switch.

Modos Legacy

  • Quick match
  • Career mode
  • Tournaments – Both licensed and custom, including the UEFA Champions League
  • Women’s World Cup
  • Hability games
  • Online seasons
  • Online friendlies
  • Local seasons


  • Manager Tasks
  • Single player and online seasons
  • Single player and online tournaments
  • Draft for single player and online
  • Online Ultimate Draft
  • Template creation challenges

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