FIFA 22 Career mode will finally allow you to create a team and customize from the kit to the stadium

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After years of fan requests, FIFA 22 Career mode will allow you to create your own club to manage it with kits, stadiums, player squads and much more customizable skins.

Clubs created by players can be used in any of the game leagues; the club that we believe will replace an existing club. Once we have created the team, we can customize kits, crest and stadium. The custom club will start with an automatically generated player template, which can also be modified.

We can also set the priorities of the club’s board of directors, changing its focus on development, financial stability, etc. But nevertheless, success in the competition will be determined to some extent by the star rating of the squad and the league he is in.

Apart from custom clubs, Career mode also receives other changes– A coach ranking system, match goals, player growth, a level system, a skill tree, perks, and even cutscenes that show the atmosphere in the locker room after matches.

The cinematics of the signings have also been renewed. Finally, Now any player in the club, even those generated, can become important enough to the fans to earn a huge banner in the stadium, which will be exhibited during the matches. All of these changes are intended to make FIFA 22’s career mode more in-depth and immersive. More improvements and changes will come later.

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