FIFA 22: EA trusts its model after switching from eFootball (PES) to free-to-play

FIFA 22: EA trusts its model after switching from eFootball (PES) to free-to-play

Electronic Arts does not rethink changing the business model from FIFA. When Konami made official not only the name change from Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) to eFootball, but its conversion to the model free-to-play (free with integrated purchases) and a policy of game-service, part of the community wondered if this is the anticipation of a medium-term change on the other side of the stands, FIFA. EA is committed to its model.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, is known to be confident in his answer: “With respect to Pro Evolution Soccer [cambie] your name to eFootball and become free-to-play, we’ve seen this before. I would tell you that it isWe are very committed to our football business”, Emphasizes Wilson. “We are very committed to our player base. We continue to grow that player base, ”and it certainly is.

Store play added to Ultimate Team, a winning combination for EA

Taking the latest data, FIFA Ultimate Team accounts for almost 30% of EA’s total revenue. In 2020, Ultimate Team posted year-on-year growth of 16%. FIFA 21 had more than 25 million players last May, a legion of fans that supports an economic model currently in force: purchase of the complete video game (60-70 euros) where we find a multitude of online and offline game modes plus the Ultimate Team , where this lucrative side business for EA resides.

“We have listened to our community over the years, sourcing much of the licensed content that underpins a truly exclusive soccer game, and we continue to invest deeply not just in the game modes, but in the core of the game. playability, to make sure we are offering the best possible experience to our global player base, ”Wilson concludes.

Despite the controversy surrounding loot boxes (loot boxes, boxes with random contents from low to high rarity), the Preview Packs have been a success.

You can know all the news of the Career mode from FIFA 22 here. The game will go on sale this September 30 on all platforms; eFootball, meanwhile, will be free with in-app purchases this fall; Game modes like Master League will be sold separately as paid content.

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