FIFA 22 for PS5: DualSense, 3D Audio, HyperMotion, Haptic Feedback and more

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EA Sports has detailed what the version of FIFA 22 for PS5 will be like. After a year marked by generational transition, the North American team has taken note of the lessons of the past year and promises a total next generation football experience that takes advantage of all the unique capabilities of the new Sony console; including the remote DualSense and technology HyperMotion. Let’s know all the features of the game, available this October 1st all over the world.

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FIFA 22, a “Powered by Football” experience with the DualSense controller

Let’s start with the command. EA remembers that in FIFA 21 they used the controller DualSense to feel the effects of Resistance through the adaptive triggers, added to the haptic feedback to reflect the force of the tackles or the feel of the ball crossing the crossbar. In FIFA 22 they will go one step further: “we have added haptic feedback that reproduces the effect of the ball hitting the back of the net (mimicking the power of the shot and the tension of the net) to make the sensation of scoring a goal in FIFA 22 is even better ”. As they explain, the balls by the squad from outside the area will feel even more in our hands.

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Also, this year we will notice the special vibrations in the centers, ground-level entrances and defenses a with the DualSense remote; added to the effects of fatigue on endurance from adaptive triggers. For this reason, sprinting will be more difficult as the game progresses.

3D Audio and HyperMotion: Improving the Realism of Matches

For the first time ever, the FIFA saga will feature 3D Audio in FIFA 22. “Thanks to 3D audio, you will hear the screams of your teammates in the audio mix, and close-up audio will be heard louder to accommodate the change in perspective when the camera moves to the fans in the stands, ”breaks down EA. In some leagues we will listen. Drums, whistles, or horns.

Finally, we come to HyperMotion technology, designed to take advantage of the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 to the fullest. This is not traditional motion capture, but advanced capture with tracking of up to 22 players in the same situation to achieve greater realism on screen. This is how they explain it: “HyperMotion’s advanced capture in 11v11 matches allows us to capture up to 22 players in really intense situations. This, combined with the machine learning, has allowed us to create over 4000 new animations for FIFA 22, directly extracted from HyperMotion ”. They assure that it will be the most realistic, fluid and authentic FIFA experience ever created”.

FIFA 22 will go on sale the next day October 1st on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. Those who pre-order the Ultimate Edition will be able to start playing on September 27.

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