FIFA 22 FUT Ones to Watch: what are they, dates, players and how to improve them

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FIFA 22 is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. The new installment of EA Sports gives us one more year to face half the planet through Ultimate Team. From forming your team to what chemistry is the one you rent, we tell you what you should take into account of one of the most outstanding promotions at its start: Ones To Watch.

What are Promises and how can they be improved?

The Promises, known as Ones to Watch, are special items that celebrate the most outstanding transfers of the summer. Messi, for example, has his own special card. Average rating will vary based on your performance in real life. If a player manages to have a special item from the Team of the Week or Man of the Match, the Promise will be equated to that average.

On the other hand, this year the Ones to Watch are selectable for the Victories upgrade promotion. From October 1, the result of the next 10 league matches of the teams where the Promises players are will be recorded. If they win at least 5 of them, they will receive a permanent increase of an extra point in the valuation.


The study is expected to launch a total of 28 players Promises spread over two full teams and two mini releases, to be released during the first two weeks of October for the following reason:

  1. From October 1 to October 8 | First Team Ones to Watch (Promises)

  2. From October 3 to October 8 | Extra Mini First Team Launch Ones to Watch (Promises)

  3. From October 8 to October 13 | Second Team Ones to Watch (Promises)

  4. From October 10 to October 13 | Extra Mini Second Team Launch Ones to Watch (Promises)

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All those who booked the Ultimate Edition FIFA 22 players will receive a guaranteed non-transferable Ones to Watch item starting October 1. However, when you receive the envelope you can hold its opening depending on which players you want to target. You will be eligible for an article from the following windows:

  1. From October 1 to 3 | Only from the eleven holder of the first team of Ones to Watch

  2. From October 3 to 8 | Only from the first team of Ones to Watch

  3. From October 8 to 10 | Only from the eleven holder of the second team of Ones to Watch

  4. From October 10 to 13 | Only from the second team of Ones to Watch

  5. From October 13 onwards | Ones to Watch First and Second Team

Confirmed Players

So far there is only one selection of confirmed players. It will not be until closer to the launch date when we know more about which players will be part of the promotion.

  1. Lionel Messi | ED | 93

  2. Cristiano Ronaldo | DC | 91

  3. Romelo Lukaku | DC | 88

  4. Achraf Judge | LD | 85

  5. Georginio Wijnaldum | CM | 84

  6. Jack Grealish | ED | 84

  7. Ibrahima Konaté | CT | 78

  8. Eduardo Camavinga | CM | 78

  9. David Alaba | CT | (Determined)

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