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FIFA 22: Iñaki Williams Record Breakers, how to complete the Squad Challenge (SBC)

FIFA 22 celebrates one of the great milestones of Spanish football. Iñaki Williams he has managed to chain 203 consecutive games played with Athletic Club in the league, which makes him the player with the highest figure in that figure. It surpasses mythical ones like Larrañaga, Arconada, Zubizarreta and Di Stéfano. Almost nothing.

From EA Sports they wanted to wink at the star of San Mamés. Williams is the first FIFA 22 player to have a special item from the Record Breaker series. In it, the most important records achieved in the current season are celebrated, either with your national team or club. We tell you how it is.

Iñaki Williams Record Breakers: all his stats

Iñaki Williams has been one of the leading center forward for LaLiga teams for five years. Very few match him in rhythm while he has an overall rating of 84. Even internationally he is a true cannon. Record Breakers exceptionally increases its qualities. We can see him with 95 acceleration and 96 speed. He has the explosiveness and sprint that characterizes him in real life.

  • Rhythm: 96
  • Shot: 84
  • Pass: 75
  • Regattas: 83
  • Defense: 39
  • Physical: 85

Even if your shot is 84 average, we must put the magnifying glass on their individual features. He has an offensive position of 90, a completion of 84 and a shooting power of 90. His average drops significantly due to his quality on penalties, which drops to 68. He is a center forward that you want to have in your team.

How to complete the Iñaki Williams Record Breakers SBC

Here’s how to solve your SBC’s seven challenges.

Gold template


  • 11 Gold players
  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 30


  • PT: Bushchan
  • DFC: Foyth
  • DFC: Sane (Schalke 04)
  • DFC: Mykolenko
  • MCD: Merge
  • MCD: Bradaric
  • MD: Church
  • MI: Verbic
  • MCO: Clyne
  • DC: Aarons
  • DC: Sorry

Unique gold insole


  • 11 unique gold players
  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 30


  • PT: Mazraoui
  • DFC: Long
  • DFC: Schulz
  • LD: Atal
  • LI: Günter
  • MCD: Roldan
  • MC: Adams
  • MC: Ring
  • MD: Silas
  • MI: Nani
  • DC: Marega

The unshakable lion


  • Minimum one Athletic Club player
  • Minimum Star Value: 81
  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 80


  • PT: Benítez
  • DFC: Da Silva
  • DFC: Marcelo (Olympique Lyon)
  • LD: Unai Simon
  • LI: Marcelo (Real Madrid)
  • MC: Stepanenko
  • MC: Paulinho
  • MD: Tsygankov
  • MI: Otavio
  • DC: Marlos
  • DC: Talisca

The Red Fury


  • Minimum one player from Spain
  • Minimum star value: 82
  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 75


  • PT: Look
  • DFC: Tarkowski
  • DFC: Stones
  • LD: Dumfries
  • LI: Chilwell
  • MC: Eriksen
  • MC: Saul
  • MCO: Fabian
  • ED: Bale
  • EI: Pulisic
  • DC: Strap



  • Minimum one LaLiga Santander player
  • Minimum star value: 83
  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 70


  • PT: Fabianski
  • DFC: Matip
  • DFC: Stones
  • LD: Fernandinho
  • LI: Chilwell
  • MCD: Partey
  • MCD: Hojbjerg
  • MCO: Kovacic
  • CAM: Gabriel Jesus
  • MCO: Mount
  • DC: Lemar

In top shape


  • Minimum one player from Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Minimum Star Value: 84
  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 65


  • PT: Leno
  • DFC: Henderson
  • DFC: Maguire
  • LD: Azpilicueta (TOTW)
  • LI: Shaw
  • MCD: Partey
  • MD: Ferran Torres
  • MI: Grealish
  • MCO: Kovacic
  • DC: Mertens
  • DC: Ibrahimovic

Template value: 85


  • Minimum one player from Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Minimum Star Rating: 85
  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 60


  • PT: Casteels
  • DFC: Silva
  • DFC: Summer
  • LD: Azpilicueta (TOTW)
  • LI: Gulacsi
  • MC: Jorginho
  • MC: Partey
  • MC: André Silva
  • SDD: Ziyech
  • SDI: Tadic
  • DC: Cavani

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