FIFA 22 – It’s easy to play, but hard to master

FIFA 22 - It's easy to play, but hard to master

A couple of days ago we had the opportunity to attend a remote presentation of EA Sports to know all the details of FIFA 22 and later we were able to talk with the Mexican, Sam Rivera, chief producer of gameplay. In this interview we try to delve into key aspects of the gameplay of the title that will be available on October 1st on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X/S Y PS5.


Meristation: How many times did you have to simulate matches in Hypermotion?

Rivera: It was a 90 minute game with Spanish teams, this gave us more than 4000 new moves.

Meristation: Are special cameras used for Hypermotion technology?

Rivera: Only the suits are used Xsens, since this new technique allows direct capture of movements without the need to use cameras as in traditional motion capture.

Meristation: Were the ball physics worked on at the same time that you captured the movement of the players for Hypermotion?

Rivera: Yes, but this one was made through the recording of an independent camera and machine learning.

Meristation: Will the data of the real players be analyzed with this type of technology?

Rivera: Not at the moment, but Hypermotion has this potential.

Meristation: From your perspective what will be the most spectacular natural movement they have captured?

Rivera: The reception of the ball and the circumstantial movements like when you lose a ball.

Meristation: Will the legacy version have any improvements or will it just be a player numbers update?

Rivera: Yes, there are several of the new implementations of the next generation consoles in the legacy versions.

Meristation: From your perspective, how much is there to relearn in this new FIFA?

Rivera: I can put it this way: it’s easy to play but difficult to master. Obviously the game allows a new player to enter fully, but to reach professional levels you have to relearn many things.

Without a doubt, FIFA 22 represents a great leap that promises to further exploit the capabilities of the new generation consoles, if you want to know all the details, we recommend you read all our coverage about it.


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