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FIFA asks to double the income it receives from EA Sports for using its license, according to New York Times

The negotiation between FIFA and EA Sports to renew the use of the license in the popular video game seems to have hit an economic wall. Sources close to New York Times They point out that the agency asks at least to double the income it currently receives from the US company.

Mess in sight

Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, points out that this amount rises to just over a billion dollars every four years. But FIFA seeks more than money: to limit Electronic Arts from monetizing its video game through the brand further. In this way, the organization would find new opportunities to obtain income by taking advantage of the strength of the brand. Instead, EA Sports argues that they should be able to have the rights to explore other avenues within their gaming ecosystem, such as tournaments and digital products.

Tariq Panja, a journalist for the New York Times, reveals that negotiations are open for the last two years, and that a decision would be made before closing the present 2021. The current license expires next year, just coinciding with the World Cup to be held in Qatar. The possibility of a breakup remains on the table.

In recent weeks they have appeared tracks about this possibility. The company itself assured that it valued the possibility of changing the name to the saga. Shortly after, a registration appeared in the European Union Intellectual Property Office, in which it registered the name of EA Sports FC at the beginning of October. He was also in the same UK office.

While the swords against FIFA remain high, Electronic Arts reached an agreement with FIFPro, the international association of professional footballers, to continue offering “the greatest football experience for players.”

Source: New York Times


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