FIFA questions EA’s monopoly on football game world in new statement

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In the world of football games, the FIFA series released by EA for almost 10 years now has a virtual dominance and has overshadowed Pro Evolution Soccer. Company, Making hundreds of millions of dollars from FIFA Ultimate Team. But with FIFA’s announcement that future games will be produced by multiple parties, recent developments pose a threat to this dominance.

FIFA said in a recent statement that it “tends to rise” in the “future gaming and esports world”. The statement also criticized the current situation of the football games world, which continues under EA’s domination.

In the statement, “FIFA is excited about the future and the future of the game and e-sports world, especially football. It is clear that this world should contain more than a single party that controls all rights,” the statement said. The statement continued:

“Technology and mobile device companies are now actively competing with FIFA to be associated with FIFA’s platforms and international tournaments. As a result, FIFA is a partnership between developers, investors and developers to grow the gaming and e-sports world and the interactive entertainment industry in the long term. “It works with many industry partners, including analysts. The outcome will ensure that FIFA is collaborating with a range of appropriate parties that have proven their expertise to continually create the best experience for consumers and fans.”

This statement, of course, does not mean that EA’s football series FIFA will end. EA tries to reach agreement on licensing on a club and league basis, and the recent long-term agreement with FIFPRO gives EA the right to use the names and types of thousands of players around the world.

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However, the biggest result of this statement may be the change of the name of the FIFA series. FIFA allegedly wants 1 billion dollars for every 4 years to use EA’s name. EA has been using this name since the mid-90s. According to the allegations, EA is considering changing its name to EA Sports FC after this attitude.

FIFA’s statement may be instrumental in the creation of a new competitive environment in this field and the entry of new companies into this world. Konami is currently EA’s only real competitor. Konami changed the name of the PES series to eFootball, but the game He made a terrible debut, leaving the fans in the middle of nowhere.. 2K Sports and Sony San Diego are two other companies involved in the world of video games. However, both companies are not in a position to step into the football world for now.

EA said in its own statement.“The presence of our partnerships and licensed content ecosystem will allow us to maintain unrivaled realism in EA SPORTS football games for many years to come. As we look to the future, we consider the possibility of renaming our EA SPORTS football games as well. This means that we are reviewing our naming rights agreement with FIFA. However, this agreement does not mean that all other EA SPORTS football games will be renamed. It’s a matter independent of our official partnerships and worldwide licenses.”

Kat Bailey is a news editor at MRT and a hapless West Ham fan.

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