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Fifth Year at LSU

Olivia Dunne’s decision to stay at LSU for another year has come as a surprise to some, but the gymnast did hint at the possibility not long before making her announcement. On July 1, 2024, Dunne spoke to the New York Post about her future. “I do have eligibility for a fifth year, which I haven’t decided yet,” she said. “I am thinking about it … But I do have eligibility [for another year at LSU].” It seemed Dunne was contemplating a return, and she officially confirmed her decision through a social media announcement. However, she made it clear in the interview that one avenue she won’t explore is the Olympics.

Dunne told the New York Post, “I don’t think I’m going to try for the Olympics or anything after, since I once competed for Team USA and I closed that chapter and went to LSU.” The athlete has mentioned her previous Olympic goals in various interviews. In June 2023, during her appearance on the “Full Send” podcast, she shared that she had aimed for the gold at the USA Olympic training center but found the environment overwhelming. She said, “That whole environment was just not so good … and I decided when I was 16 … I’m just going to be healthy, keep my full ride to LSU, and just be happy.” Clearly, LSU still brings joy to Dunne as she embarks on her fifth year and continues her superstar transformation.

Source: New York Post, Full Send