Fighting global health threats: G7 want to strengthen health systems

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Fighting global health threats: G7 want to strengthen health systems

The group of the large industrial nations (G7) wants to join forces to end the Covid-19 pandemic and to be able to take better action against future virus outbreaks. This provides for a “health declaration from Carbis Bay”, which the heads of state and government want to adopt according to information from the German press agency at their G7 summit from Friday to Sunday in the south-west English seaside resort.

In the draft, which was submitted to the dpa on Thursday, the G7 group committed itself to “strengthening the collective defenses in order to better prevent future pandemics, to discover them, to react to them and by means of effective multilateral action and a strengthened global health system to recover from it “. “Global solutions are required,” it said.

“We promise to take the lead in building a resilient, holistic and inclusive global health system that is prepared and equipped to prevent the causes and escalation of disease and to quickly discover emerging health threats.” The focus is to be on a “reformed” World Health Organization (WHO).

In the declaration, the G7 countries assume a holistic approach (One Health) that includes animal and human health and an intact environment. With this in mind, they want to invest in their own health systems and support vulnerable countries to do the same.

Other states should also be encouraged to join the effort. Early warning systems are to be strengthened and a better global network to monitor impending health risks is to be built. In the declaration, the rich industrialized nations decide to use medium and long-term global financing mechanisms to bring together funds from various sources. The goals are recovery from the pandemic and building better, more inclusive and sustainable health systems.


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