Film Festival 2021: how to buy tickets through the mobile app on Android and iOS

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Although today television fiction is the one that commands in terms of quality, originality and viewers, there is no doubt that the experience of watching a movie at the cinema is always something pleasant and impossible to enjoy at home unless you have one. special room with giant screen, 4K HDR and 9.1 sound systems. But sometimes the problem is not in the quality of the films, but in the price of the tickets.

And it is to pay almost 10 euros for a normal ticket -if it is in 3D and in places like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​prepare the card- It is not something that everyone can afford in the current situation. Therefore the call Film festival It is one of those initiatives that you always like to see back. And even more so when we had not seen her for almost two years due to the Pandemic that paralyzed – and continues to paralyze – the entire world. But come back this month, and with another name as well.

I’m going to the Cinema 2021

The Film Festival is an event that allows viewers to enjoy all the movies that are at the box office just € 3.50 (before € 2.90), a price almost twice as cheap as that of the Day of the Spectator and so permissive that people flock to the cinemas that are hosted by this initiative.

Given how profitable it is for everyone, both for the public who can go paying only € 3.50 and for the distributors who see the off days of the week taken over in all the rooms and all the passes,the new 2021 Film Festival or I’m going to the Cinema It is celebrated now, on September 27, 28, 29 and 30 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), in collaboration with the Federation of cinematographic distributors (Fedicine), the Federation of cinemas of Spain (FECE) and the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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How to sign up

Simplifying the process, you no longer have to go to any website or have to fill out accreditations or present them as before. The thing is simpler, and according to its creators “There are no special requirements to do or meet. You can buy your tickets directly at the box office or online “, With the discount already applied if you go to a cinema attached to the promotion between tomorrow and next Thursday.

Also, from Sunday 26 you can buy tickets in advance, but only online.

Film Chains and Apps

As always, the most important cinema chains join and join the event, with some 350 cinemas throughout Spain that add up to more than 3,000 screens. You can download and consult the complete list of cinemas and cities in the country where it will be held I’m going to the Cinema in this PDF file.


Here is the way to buy them online, either through the PC, the mobile, using a browser or an app, in one of these multiplex cinema chains that we put below, each one allowing you to choose a city or with a function to automatically go to the room that is closest to where you live:

And click on each one, the link will take you to their website so that you can book the tickets. You can also reserve them through these mobile apps:


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