Filmin premieres, news for December 2021: The Police, Hierve, Wild Indian

Always oriented to a different type of viewer who is more inclined towards Author Cinema and National and International Indie / Independent Cinema, the Filmin platform has a catalog that covers a variety of genres, bringing together series, films and shorts.

We are going to review what will be released in October, highlighting two of the jewels of animated cinema of this 2021: “Cryptozoo” y “The Spine of Night”, as well as a documentary on the essential Ernest Hemingway or Boil, British film that looks like the translation to celluloid from A Nightmare in the Kitchen.

Series Filmin December 2021

December 7

The police officers

Police drama from the creators of “Fauda”. A captivating tale of obsession and sacrifice about a detective who must push his own moral limits to hunt down a dangerous criminal who has ruined the residents of his hometown.

December 21

Algiers Confidential

Love, suspense and action in this effective spy thriller set in contemporary Algeria that offers a unique and personal look at a country undergoing profound changes.

December 28

All Creatures Large and Small (Christmas Special)

Filmin’s favorite vets celebrate the holidays with a special episode that exudes happiness and good feelings. The most magical sweet of Christmas.

Filmin Movies December 2021

December 1

Sony classics

From Here to Eternity, The Lady from Shanghai “,” The Last Movie “,” Infernal Possession “or” Good Morning, Sadness “are just some of the thirty Sony Pictures films that hit Filmin on December 1, expanding the largest catalog of seventh art classics available on the market.

December 3

Miss Marx

Downtown Boys punk brings an anachronistic edge to this exhilarating biopic of workers’ rights activist Eleanor “Tussy” Marx, daughter of the author of “Capital”

December 10

Wild Indian

Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr. is one of the “10 new directors to watch” according to Variety magazine thanks to this powerful debut in which two friends must face a crime from the past.

December 17


Sara Forestier (“The Names of Love”) stars in this unique black and white comedy directed by comic book author Nine Antico. A funny, original and rabidly feminist film


Winner of the Best Animated Film Award at the Sitges Festival, something like the lysergic cross between “Jurassic Park” and “Tomb Raider”.

December 24

The Spine of Night

An epic and ultraviolent fantasy that follows the most classic Sword and Witchcraft codices.

December 29


One of the British films of the year. This gastro thriller shot in sequence in which Stephen Graham plays a troubled chef at a Michelin-starred London restaurant arrives exclusively in Spain after adding 11 nominations to the British Independent Film Awards. For 100 fast-paced minutes, you will have to deal with all kinds of problems in and out of the kitchen.

Filmin Documentaries December 2021

December 3

A girl

Documentary by Sebastian Lifshitz (“Adolescents”) about Sasha, a little girl who was born as a boy and who, together with her family, faces a world that is sometimes too complicated.

December 14


With the voices of Jeff Daniels as Hemingway and Meryl Streep and Patricia Clarkson as their wives, we present the definitive documentary to discover the person behind the character of Ernest Hemingway, the greatest of all North American writers and the first to he lived in his flesh the contradictions of art and fame.

December 23

Dean Martin: Rey del cool

Portrait of the legendary American comedian and singer Dean Martin, member of the illustrious Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford. A gentleman of laughter.

December 29

Writing with fire

Excellent documentary awarded at Sundance about the first daily in India whose team is made up of Dalit women, in a country where the press is monopolized by men.


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