Filmin Releases for September 2021: More than 70 Paramount classics and news

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Of all the VOD platforms, Filmin is the best option for anyone looking for options less AAA and more indies, more author and from all countries. Every month brings us series and movies from all over the world, and this September is no exception.

Although to the new content that already premieres we must add more than 70 old and modern Paramount classics, among which we find My Fair Lady, The Godfather Trilogy, Chinatown or The Secret of the Pyramid among many others. In fact, it even brings the recent remake that Francis Ford Coppola made of The Godfather part 3, considered the black sheep of the family and which in this version is certainly not so much.


7 September

Now is the time, season 3

New episodes of the French series set in an LGTBI Center run by a group of committed activists. Their struggles and their intimacy are the heart of the series.

September 14

happily married

Two married couples take that of being “Partners in crime” too far and, looking for new incentives to their existence, they decide to jump into crime. Nothing like killing to feel closer to your partner.

September 21

The witnesses

A memory specialist tries to unravel the disappearance of a 10-year-old girl kidnapped in the middle of the crowded Museum of Natural History in Berlin. The only key to saving her seems to be buried in the memories of those who witnessed the incident. But time goes by, and things are almost never what they seem, much less what we remember.

September 28

A captain

The story of a football legend, Francesco Totti, and the serious problems he experienced at his life-long club, Roma, during his last active season, facing his coach. Much more than football.

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September 3

Baumbacher Syndrome

A kind fable about fame and its unpredictable consequences where a television presenter will see how his life changes when one day he wakes up with a magical and bewitching voice

Suspect Number 12

After the Korean War, a detective investigates and interrogates 11 murder suspects. Agatha Christie’s “10 little blacks” in a Korean style in a luxurious thriller by newcomer Ko Myoung-Sung.

September 10


Mariana Di Girolamo, Pablo Larraín’s abrasive “Ema”, is now an influencer in “La Verónica”, a wild game of double realities and many daggers in the back. Verónica explains in dozens of Instagram stories what the life of an influencer married to a famous footballer is like. The cult of the image, overexposure and jealousy will act as a slow but deadly poison.

September 17


Four high school friends who call themselves “The Losers” will experience a change in their lives when a famous rock band lands in their boring town.

September 24

Death of a Ladies’ Man

Gabriel Byrne plays a writer going through a critical moment to the rhythm of Leonard Cohen’s most iconic songs. A sober, elegant and delightfully cynical tragicomedy.

September 27

The Evening Hour

The opioid crisis in America is the central theme of the film adaptation of the eponymous work by Carter Sickles that caused a sensation at the Sundance Film Festival.

Without date

Gold for Dogs

The end of summer has arrived… and what better way to say goodbye to him with this delicate tale of seasonal love affairs, peach-colored sunsets and millennial sensibilities.


September 10


Three former members of far-right groups, one far-left, and a former Islamic terrorist reflect on redemption and second chances in this pertinent documentary.

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Heimat is a Space in Time

Monumental 4-hour movie. A collage of images, letters, diaries and voices that traces the lives of three German generations through the First and Second World War, the division of the country and the fall of the Berlin Wall to the present day.

Space Dogs

She was a bitch and her name was Laika… and she was the first living being to be sent into space. It is one of the hundreds of animals that inadvertently gave their lives to the space race between the United States and the USSR

I had a dream

An extraordinary documentary that recounts the last ten years of Italy from the gaze of two women, a deputy and an activist, who wanted to change their country from the feminist struggle. His is a story of disenchantment and crisis of values ​​in the face of growing populism in Europe

Under the Sun

What is North Korean propaganda cinema like? An eloquent sample can be found in this documentary about the life of a girl in a social paradise and the efforts of all North Koreans to make utopia real … or seem like it.


As of September 1, more than 70 titles will be added to the Filmin catalog, among which we find great classics such as “My Fair Lady “,” The Godfather Trilogy “,” Chinatown “or” The secret of the pyramid “ among many others. Filmin will expand the filmographies of some of the key directors in film history such as Billy Wilder (“Twilight of the Gods”, “Traitor in Hell”, “The Great Carnival”, “Sabrina”), Alfred Hitchcock (“Catch a thief ”), John Ford (“ The man who killed Liberty Valance ”), Howard Hawks (“ Hatari ”), Roman Polanski (” The Devil’s Seed “,” The Chimerical Tenant “,” Chinatown “), Terrence Malick (“Days of Heaven”) or Paul Thomas Anderson (“Sidney”).

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Along with them we have cycles dedicated to Audrey Hepbrun (“My Fair Lady”, “Holidays in Rome”, “A face with an angel”), Robert Redfort (“Barefoot in the Park”, “The Great Gatsby” and “Ordinary People”), Paul Newman (“Skin”), Jack Lemmon (“Outsiders in New York”, “The strange couple” and “Save the Tiger”For which he won the Oscar), or Meryl Streep with Jack Nicholson (“The cake is over “,” Iron Stem “).

To this luxury list are added icons of the 80s such as “American Gigolo “,” Saturday Night Fever “ and its direct sequel “Staying Alive”. Also the thrillers “Fatal Attraction “,” Marathon Man “,” The Untouchables of Elliott Ness “ O “Escape from Alcatraz”, among many others. Likewise, the great romances in the history of cinema could not be missed. (“Love Story”, “Paper Moon”, “A place in the sun”), the great comedies (“The game goes between rogues “,” Top Secret “and” Dreams of a seducer “) or legendary teen movies like “The girl in pink”, “All in one day”, “Clueless”, “Election”, “Explorers” O “The secret of the pyramid”.

Also, it comes to Filmin “The Godfather, Epilogue: The Death of Michael Corleone”, the new editing by Francis Ford Coppola of the last part of one of the most famous saga in the history of cinema. The films will be available in High Definition in Spanish and in the original version with subtitles, only for Filmin subscribers.


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