Filters finally arrive on Google Drive

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When it comes to organizing a series of files in a folder, not only that specific space is needed. Functions are required with which you can organize yourself better and even place the data in an efficient way. It is a matter of software to have at hand these functions that users need a lot and it seems that Google has finally fallen into that detail. And is that the big G is working on some new filters for Google Drive.

Filters arrive on Google Drive

If you are a secure computer or smartphone user, you have a file manager where you can save all your data. And it is that this software is the most important to store all the files that you generate and download, so it is the most basic tool of your device. But this is part of all organizational systems such as cloud storage systems.

And it is that although it may not seem like it, there is a feature that you still cannot use in Google Drive. At least for the moment, and it is here that we have to talk about the new filter function that Google will soon deploy with the new filters to organize files in the service.

This function, according to the company itself in its blog, it is activated every time you access the remaining part and you have several types of files. It will be then when the big G cloud storage service lets you filter all the available files according to the different available formats that you have stored inside.

The best of all is that The filters will not only be available in this format, they will also take into account other details such as the authors, whether it is a shared file or not or the creation date. This is an important step within the company’s storage service, but it is true that this function could still be added to the general point of view of the application.

The company has confirmed that this feature is within the Beta version of the app. That is why it will not be active at the moment, but when it does, all users, whether they are paying or not, will have access to this feature.


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