Final Fantasy IX will have an animation series; first official details

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Final Fantasy IX will be adapted to a animation series for young audiences. The ninth episode of the Square Enix saga will come to television from the hand of Cyber Group Studios, an animation studio based in Paris, France. The information, advanced by Kidscreen (via Gematsu), specifies that this team will be in charge of the production, licensing, distribution and derivative products of the series.

Pierre Sissmann, CEO of Cyber ​​Group Studios, explained to Kidscreen that the company plans to present the series to the main television networks in the coming months with the aim of start production between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. The air date of the Final Fantasy IX animated series is currently unknown; not in vain, the target audience they will seek to appeal to is that of the range between eight and thirteen years.

“The games [de Final Fantasy] they have great potential for co-visualization ”, Sissmann begins by saying, as it is a license that adapts to all types of audiences. “For those who do know Final Fantasy IX, this will be a [introducción]. And for those who don’t, it will immerse them in a universe that they will love ”, he argues.

Final Fantasy IX, a legendary installment of the Square Enix saga

Final Fantasy IX It is one of the most beloved installments of the Square Enix saga, then Squaresoft, originally published in July 2000 on PlayStation; although in Europe we had to wait until February 2001 to play it. Over the years, Square’s production directed by Hiroyuki Ito and produced and designed by Hironobu Sakaguchi landed on platforms like iOS, Android, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. It is very easy to find an official way to enjoy the classic Final Fantasy installments from the seventh installment onwards. Its success originally resulted in more than 5 million copies sold.

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One of the peculiarities of Final Fantasy IX, where it was not lacking Yoshitaka Amano, is that his design of scenes and characters had a somewhat more cartoon design than those of the seventh, eighth or tenth installments, for example; an aesthetic that has been able to bring him closer to the world of animation.

At the plot level, here is an official synopsis of the video game: “The Tantalus theater company goes to the kingdom of Alexandria with the intention of kidnapping Princess Garnet. However, and to everyone’s surprise, it turns out to be the princess who had already planned to escape. This is how he meets Yitán, one of the members of the company, and begins his journey with him and Captain Steiner, his bodyguard ”.

Soon we will know more details of the series and its possible premiere in western markets.

Source | Gematsu


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