Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will give away various music tracks as a purchase incentive

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Every legend has a beginning and that of Final Fantasy is once again within our grasp. Square Enix announced during its E3 2021 conference the development of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, a new two-dimensional version that revamps the sprites, although it does so based on the originals. Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II y Final Fantasy III they are available now and they look better than ever, but how do you hear them? Nobuo Uematsu, the original composer of the series, has been in charge of arranging these versions. If you buy them before August 11, you will receive several of these pieces for free:

  • FINAL FANTASY: Main Theme (Timelapse Remix), Matoya’s Cave (Timelapse Remix) y Battle (Timelapse Remix).
  • FINAL FANTASY II: Battle Theme 1 (Timelapse Remix), The Rebel Army (Timelapse Remix) y Main Theme (Timelapse Remix).
  • FINAL FANTASY III: Battle 1 (Timelapse Remix), Eternal Wind (Timelapse Remix) y The Boundless Ocean (Timelapse Remix).

These are all the improvements

As we said, the graphics have been redrawn with 2D pixels for current platforms, a work that has been done by Kazuko Shibuya, one of Squaresoft’s great veterans and the original artist who worked on these games. All the soundtracks have been retouched under Master Uematsu’s baton, while the gameplay has been improved accordingly, with various options: automatic combat, interface changes, etc.

In addition to the usability and quality of life improvements, Square Enix has added various extra content. The players pthey will enjoy a bestiary, which will collect all the monsters that are seen in the fantastic worlds of Final Fantasy. There will be an art gallery and music player, not to mention the ability to save the game at any time.

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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is a product designed for PC (Steam) and iOS and Android mobile devices. They do not rule out versions on other platforms, but it will depend on the interest of the user, as reported from Square Enix.

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