Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster will arrive in November loaded with improvements

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Final fantasy v Pixel Remaster will soon reach PC (Steam) and mobile devices. The remastering is scheduled for release next November 10 at a recommended price of 17.99 euros. If you complete the purchase before November 30, you will receive a 20% discount, which leaves you at 14.39 euros.

Pixel Remaster, what does it include?

Pixel Remaster is a compilation of remasters of the first six numbered installments from the Final Fantasy saga. In practice it proposes a kind of return to the origins, with sprites closer to the originals, among other quality improvements.

From Square Enix they emphasize that in this fifth installment we can expect “an improved gameplay with a modernized interface, automatic combat options, extra content from the Bestiary, the gallery and the music player”, among other elements. Both the 2D graphics and the soundtrack have been renewed; in fact, Nobuo Uematsu has supervised the chord work that he composed himself in his day.

“The King of Tycoon has sensed a change in the wind. When the Crystals that maintain the balance of power in the world are in danger, the king comes to the rescue … but disappears. Somewhere a young man and his chocobo end up meeting some friends who will change their destiny “, explains the editor in her official description on Steam. “Building on the job systems from previous games, FFV includes a diverse selection of jobs for you to try and a unique skill system that allows you to combine them.”

At MeriStation we have already reviewed how the work of the Pixel Remaster launched during the first wave. You can read our impressions at this link. And what about the other platforms? So far it has only debuted on PC, Android and iOS. The editor revealed that if the demanta is high enough they will consider moving them to other systems.

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