Final Fantasy VII Remake: All Sephiroths that appear are "different"

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When the Final Fantasy VII Remake project came to light, Square Enix made it clear that it was a reimagining of the 1997 original, so they have implemented plot and playable changes with respect to the classic. The first delivery tells the whole story of Midgar, but it establishes some modifications that will affect the rest of the chapters. In the question and answer section of the FFVII Material Ultimania Plus book, co-director Motomu Toriyama has focused on the figure of Sephiroth, the powerful antagonist of the video game. According to his words, all the versions of the character that appear in the title are “different.”

“The Sephiroths you see throughout the game are all different, either because they are an illusion that only Cloud can see, a vision that Sephiroth has created of himself, a vision represented by the hooded figures, or even the Sephiroth himself.” explains the creative. All these images emerge from “Desire and conscience” of the character. In addition, each of these representations shares the same objective: “to play with Cloud’s feelings.”

What does memory mean to Sephiroth?

Throughout the adventure, the villain tells the hero that “these are our precious memories”, a phrase similar to that heard in Advent Children. What does it mean? “Sephiroth’s physical body is dead, as he was killed by Cloud, but still, it is part of Cloud’s memory. For Sephiroth, is one of the only people who understands you, so that it can serve as a partner or as a rival. For that reason, you want to maintain a close connection with him. Use the word ‘memories’ to refer to those thoughts, ”he points out.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is available exclusively for PS4, although it is possible to upgrade to PS5 Intergrade if you have a copy in the previous generation. INTERMission is for now the only DLC ever released.

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