Final Fantasy VII Remake | Comparativa gráfica PS5 vs PS4 Pro vs PS5

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Final Fantasy VII Remake | Comparativa gráfica PS5 vs PS4 Pro vs PS5

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is now available worldwide exclusively for PlayStation 5. Players of the new Sony console can purchase this technically improved version and with reduced loading times of the celebrated remake of one of the most important episodes in the history of the JRPG. Also, those who have the title originally purchased on PS4 – the PS Plus version does not work – can upgrade to the version for free. next gen. The latest video of The Bit Analyst lets us check face to face those improvements.

As the content creator explains, the so-called quality mode Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS5 reaches a resolution of 2160p (4K nativos) a 30 FPS, Meanwhile he FPS mode down to 1620p a 60 FPS. On PS4 we can run it at 1080p and on PS4 Pro at 1620p resolution. There are details added like FOG in the version of PS5, added to improvements in multitude of textures that were cut in the original game; added to a very significant improvement in the lighting of the game.

Another very noticeable change is the loading times. We have gone from about 40 seconds in certain situations on PS4 just 2 seconds in the version of PlayStation 5.

What is Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade exactly?

Roughly, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade It is the new version of the new generation of the video game published in 2020; temporary exclusive on PS5. Is a free update for PS4 users; Except for the PS Plus versions, which do not update to this version.

If we have it in digital, it will be enough to download the Intergrade version from the PS Store, where we will have an option to update; If what we have is the title in physical format, it will be essential to insert the disc in our PS5 (only available in the PS5 model with a disc reader). It should be noted that PS4 players who upgrade to PS5 (Intergrade) for free will have to pay separately for the Yuffie DLC, an additional episode starring that character.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade It has several technical improvements, such as a dynamic 4K resolution action mode and 60 FPS, lighting improvements, reduced loading times and the Yuffie Kisaragi (InterMission) DLC episode, in case we buy Intergrade directly or pay your payment separately if we come from PS4. Final Fantasy VII Remake Parte 2 It is already in development, but has no launch date or confirmed platforms. Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that Naoki Hamaguchi will be the solo director.

Source | The Bit Analyst


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