Final Fantasy XVI: Its producer explains why they do not show news of the game yet

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Final Fantasy XVI is one of Square Enix’s most anticipated titles for the already started new generation of consoles. As with each numbered iteration, the expectation is maximum; and Naoki Yoshida, producer of the play, knows that. For those who wonder why we have not seen development progress for so long, the answer is very simple: they are waiting for the right moment, when they feel satisfied with what they can teach.

“Nothing new until you are satisfied”

Moderate community expectations players It is one of the great challenges of development studies in the face of projects of great media coverage. Although it confirms that development is progressing well and that the English dubbing is in its final phase, we have to wait to see this exclusive PlayStation 5 on consoles (temporarily), from the hand of the architect of the successful Final Fantasy XIV.

“I’m not hiding more information just because,” Yoshida begins specifying about Final Fantasy XVI during the last Final Fantasy XIV: The 7th 14-Hour Broadcast (via Gematsu), “But because I want the next piece of information to be something that ‘convinces everyone to buy the game.’ Visual quality is guaranteed, but unannounced battles and other important features will be included, and I want to introduce them as “Bam!” So nothing new until you are satisfied”, He argues.

One of the next big events in the video game universe with the most important events of the year is the Tokyo Game Show, planned for this month of September. Most likely, we won’t see Final Fantasy XVI at TGS 2021. “I was thinking of showing something for the Tokyo Game Show, but I don’t think we can meet that deadline, probably. I want to show you something, but I hope you can understand. Anyway, you are going to be able to play it when it comes out ”, emphasizes the producer.

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For those of you interested in getting to know this Final Fantasy XVI in depth, we recommend that you read this article where we analyze all the information known to date about what is called to be one of the great JRPGs of the coming years. No turn-based combat, with an action-focused combat system under the direction of Takai Hiroshi. Our trip to Valisthea has yet to wait.

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