Final Fantasy XVI Will Have An “Extensive” Skill Tree, Confirms Yoshida

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Final Fantasy XVI will feature a very ‘extensive’ skill tree to give players a sense of ‘growth’ of their characters very personal and unique; in the purest Fantasian style, Naoki Yoshida says. In an interview held during the Tokyo Game Show 2021 (via Siliconera), the producer of the long-awaited title and head of Final Fantasy XIV has chatted with Hironobu Sakaguchi, from Mistwalker, precisely about the progression systems of the JRPGs.

Master Sakaguchi is very happy when he unlocks new skill trees in an RPG. For him, one of the core aspects of an RPG is that it is allowed to configure that progress system so that an initially predefined character can grow in different ways, thus adapting his style to the player’s preferences. That’s why Fantasian was designed this way; exclusive to Apple Arcade.

In this regard, Yoshida has revealed that Final Fantasy XVI will incorporate a skill tree system similar to that of Fantasian: “There are usually two ways to play a character. You can put yourself in the shoes of a predefined protagonist or, as in [Final Fantasy] 14, become your own protagonist. But even if you are playing with a predefined hero it is better to have some sense of customization in the character progression, since it gives more game options ”, he explains.

Final Fantasy XVI does not have a release date on PS5; they work with “the utmost care”

The influence of the Sakaguchi games will be present in Final Fantasy XVI, whose scenarios are already finished; although he still has “a few improvements in the quality of life” to finish his development. The title is more advanced than expected, but they still prefer not to show anything from the game.

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Final Fantasy XVI has no release date on PS5 and it will only be shown in society when they are sure enough that the material is completely polished. “We’ve already completed basic development and scenario production, as we continue to build large-scale resources and build boss battles.” Now they work with “the utmost care” to prioritize the quality of the work.

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