Finland Doesn’t Exist or Hitler Survived WWII: The Craziest Conspiracy Theories on the Planet

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We cannot deny that the Internet is a place where we can read, see and listen to almost everything. And with it, conspiracy theories spread much faster around the world. There are many that are very well prepared, and in which we have surely fallen a lot. Others, however, are really crazy as well as funny, although they also have an argument behind that to a certain extent, we could believe.

Hitler survived World War II

Since the decade of the 60 rumors that Hitler survived World War II and did not commit suicide have circulated. With the advent of the Internet, conspiracy theories about this have taken on much more force.

According to many, fed by Josef Menguele, Hitler’s friend, he would not have died in 1945. The German dictator would have escaped to South America to live there anonymously. The theory went through a huge boom a few years ago when a photograph appeared showing a man, with Hitler’s characteristic mustache, and in which it read: “Adolf Schrittelmayor, Tunga, Colombia, South America, 1954”.

Finland Doesn’t Exist or Hitler Survived WWII: The Craziest Conspiracy Theories on the Planet

Finland does not exist

It is one of the funniest and, at the same time, craziest conspiracy theories that can be read on the net. Those responsible for this theory say that those who live in Finland are actually people from Eastern Sweden, Western Russia or Northern Estonia.

The theory says that Finland is a country invented by Japan in World War II so that the inhabitants of the Rising Sun could fish in the Baltic from Russia without international repercussions. All this with the knowledge of the rest of the countries that would have kept it secret.

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The Beatles never existed

Hundreds of conspiracy theories have been created about the Liverpool gang, from which they say that Paul McCartney would already be dead or those who say that his fame was an orchestrated plan to brainwash.

Among all of them, the most fascinating is the one that tries to show that the Beatles never existed and that they were a fictional band made up of actors, in addition to the fact that all their fans, their concerts and their trips were invented. Since 2011, these theorists of the non-existence of the Beatles have been trying to prove their theories online.

Dinosaurs built the pyramids of Egypt

Lastly, one of the craziest conspiracy theories out there. In it it is said that dinosaurs helped the Egyptians to build the pyramids and that these animals already extinct thousands of years before are mentioned in the book of Job.

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