Finland’s PM submits to drug test after party video uproar

By: News Team

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Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said on Friday she had taken a drug test following a video released earlier this week of her appearing at a party with friends, adding who had never used illegal drugs.

“Today I have undergone a drug test and the results will come in a week,” he told a news conference. “I have never used drugs in my life.”

Marin added that his ability to perform his duties was not affected during the night in question and that he would have left the party if he had had to work.

This week, videos of Marin at a party with well-known Finnish influencers and artists began to circulate on social networks, which were soon published by various media outlets.

After the videos emerged, Marin faced calls from politicians in his ruling coalition and the opposition to submit to a drug test.

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