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Finn Jones Still Hopes for a Heroes for Hire MCU Series with Luke Cage

Finn Jones Still Hopes for a Heroes for Hire MCU Series with Luke Cage

Iron Fist star Finn Jones hasn’t given up hope that he can still do a Marvel Heroes for Hire project with Luke Cage star Mike Colter.

Jones was doing an interview with The Nerd Shepherd at Heroes Dutch Comic-Con in the Netherlands. The interview delved into the question of where Jones currently stands in his career and what might be next for him as an actor. The former Iron Fist star emphasized that the industry is currently unpredictable and it is hard to foresee what the future holds, including whether he could reprise his role as Marvel’s Iron Fist.

“I have no expectations in this industry, especially right now,” Finn Jones said. “It’s really unprecedented – strikes, COVID. Things you think are going to happen don’t happen; things that shouldn’t happen do happen. So to be an actor in 2024, to have expectations in this industry is just impossible.”

Iron Fist was part of the Marvel Netflix Universe of the 2010s, which played a significant role in laying the groundwork for the current Marvel Studios Disney+ series. The Marvel Netflix Daredevil TV series is officially continuing as Daredevil: Born Again, with actors Charlie Cox (Daredevil), Vincent D’Onofrio (Kingpin), Jon Bernthal (Punisher), and supporting cast members all transitioning into the MCU. Rumors also suggest that Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones will appear in Born Again, further solidifying her place in the MCU.

Admittedly, actor Mike Colter has been less enthusiastic about continuing as Luke Cage, but Finn Jones expressed his openness to continuing as Danny Rand, Marvel’s Iron Fist.

“Now, my intention – I would like to see the character continue; I would like to continue playing that character. I think there’s still a lot of room for growth, and professionally I’m at a point where I would like to continue to grow with Iron Fist.”
(Photo: Marvel/Netflix)

One of the most famous partnerships in Marvel Comics is Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s “Heroes for Hire” business. The two street-level heroes sold their services to those in need, often using their unique combination of powers (Luke’s unbreakable skin and strength, Danny’s martial arts precision, and power fist) in perfect harmony. Finn and Colter got to explore some of this partnership onscreen, but never got to deliver a full-fledged Heroes for Hire spinoff that fans craved. Finn Jones admitted that he would relish the opportunity to do Heroes for Hire in the MCU.

“That would be nice. I would love to see the chemistry between me and Mike again. It’s always been great. I think they’re interesting characters to bring together. There are many great stories that can be told with those characters. And if they brought me and Mike back to do a Heroes for Hire TV series, I think it would be the right way to go.”

Iron Fist was often viewed as one of the weaker Marvel Netflix series. However, many fans felt that pairing Jones and Colter could have balanced out both characters and their respective series, creating a sum greater than its parts. When we spoke to Mike Colter, he mentioned that if he got a significant project, he might consider donning the Luke Cage hoodie once again.

“I mean, I would totally entertain a good script and idea that made sense,” Colter said.

Heroes for Hire could very well be that project.

Until then, Iron Fist is available for streaming on Disney+.